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these links i find better for listening  http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.asx?sid=1    http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.pls?sid=1http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.m3u?sid=1 some i use on my mobile phone some on the pc enjoy the Music


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http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.asx?sid=1     http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.pls?     sid=1http://knight.wavestreamer.com:7484/listen.m3u?sid=1 click these for your own pcs or mobile phones


If you would like to play thru your own pc these links will help sometimes the webpage may stay on for hours sometimes needs refreshing


enjoy the Music 


enjoy the Music

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